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With the new system, I never have to change out product. One week before I converted to a bulk system, I ran out of CO2 in the middle of a lunch rush. I love this system. I never have to worry. It is out of the way and it works great for me.
– Jordan Scott
Mama’s Pizza, Fort Worth, Texas

CO2 Services for enhanced profitability and convenience

Reliant Distribution and Reliant Metro offer a complete line of beverage grade CO2 services to restaurants, convenience stores, and other members of the beverage dispensing community throughout the southwestern United States. Our safe, dependable CO2 systems and service allows customers to realize more profits by insuring a constant supply of CO2, thus negating the necessity to track inventory.

Our knowledgeable service team visits your location on a predefined route to make sure that your tank is never empty and that you are getting the best return on your investment. In addition to beverage grade bulk CO2, we also provide high pressure CO2, helium, beer gas, blended beer gas systems, specialty gas mixes, and a variety of syrups and flavors to complement one’s fountain selections...



Reliant offers a comprehensive CO2, OSHA, and DOT training course to all route salesman to ensure you receive the highest quality CO2 in the safest manner possible.


Reliant News

Now serving customers in the Phoenix, AZ area. Thanks to the creation of a new CO2 plant operated by our Processing division, we are now able to expand to the Phoenix area...